Prepare a winning strategy for all your deals. This handy planner guides you through all the key ingredients. Use Dealplanner to manage the negotiating process. Create, save, update and send plans on the go.

Get started now by selecting New from the left menu, or you can run the Dealplanner demo if you are yet to purchase access to this section of Close My Deal. In order for us to save your dealplans into your MyCMD area you will need to sign up and purchase the tool from the Store.


How to use DealPlanner 

Negotiate more effectively and get better wins for yourself. Use DealPlanner to build personalised plans that help you control and manage the negotiating process. 

Dealplanner helps you prepare and plan for each negotiation by guiding you through all the key elements. Just follow the prompts to steer your thinking and add your own notes. Refer back to your notes as you prepare for each new stage or meeting. Update the details as negotiations progress – until you ‘Close your Deal’.

You can create, save, edit and update a different Dealplan for each negotiation. And you can have as many Dealplans on the go as you like. Dealplanner will even generate a summary of each plan and email it to you, for you to print or circulate to colleagues whenever you need to.

This guide describes the basics of using DealPlanner. It’s easy to get the hang of it. To get the best out of Dealplanner, it’s best to learn about the different negotiating theories and techniques by navigating your way through our Scenarios first. And you can get practical, tactical advice from the TROUBLESHOOTER tool to help with ongoing DealPlans.


Getting started 

Click NEW on the left hand menu to start a new DealPlan. On the ‘New DealPlan’ screen you can then give your plan a name, and add other basic details. At any stage, you can click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen to save the plan. This will add it to the list of Saved Game Plans in your My CMD page for quick access later.


Building and Updating DealPlans

When you have entered the basic details for a new DealPlan, or selected a Saved DealPlan to update, DealPlan displays a menu of categories that relate to the negotiation process. 

These categories match chapters in the TROUBLESHOOTER section, where you can learn more about what they mean and the relevant techniques to use.

Use these categories in DealPlan to prepare and plan your negotiations by keeping specific notes about yours and the other side’s negotiating positions – and the differences between them.

Simply select a category to add, edit and save notes that relate to it. 


DealPlanner Categories


Add, list and compare different types of bargaining power between you and the other side, to see ‘Who Holds the Aces’.


Set current and desired negotiating attitudes for both you and the other side, and add notes to help you maintain a positive approach to negotiations.


Decide the type of negotiating climate each side wants, and record progress on the four elements that help to create it.


Create and compare lists of the different material things that you and the other side want from the deal. Keep notes on each element as positions change throughout the negotiation.


Add, list and compare different types of the personal needs that drive negotiating positions on either side. Keep notes as positions change throughout the negotiation. 


Add, list and compare different types of concession that you or the other side might use to meet a corresponding personal needs.


Create and compare different proposed deal positions from both sides of the negotiation. Summarise different ‘Megawins’ and ‘Bottom lines’. Keep notes of different scenarios and options to help you reach a deal.