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Original version of Close My Deal also available as an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

You can download the Close My Deal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now by heading over to the iTunes store here.

This requires iOS version 3.1.3 or later.

Please note that some features of the Close My Deal web app, such as the Scenarios are not currently available on the iOS app. We will be looking to update this version later in 2013.


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Close My Deal iphone1    Close My Deal iPhone2


Some Customer Reviews from the iTunes Store


by SVNP10

I wasn't actually looking for any such app. I stumbled upon this app when I was searching for shopping apps with keyword 'deal'. Believe me this app has changed how I approach a negotiation. These techniques goes in back of my mind and they have lot of impact. I was earlier scared about discussions and negotiations. This app has added new dimension to me not just my skillset. Thanks for making such wonderful simple yet powerful app. Expecting more of such apps from you.
by wewillfall
A large part of my job is negotiation. This is a very handy, clever app. All of the fundamental tools of negotiating are here. Review the app a couple of times before you go into each negotiation, watch the videos for further support and you will have a leg up on those across the table from you. I've been in positive negotiations and very negative ones and this app mirrors the tools one would want to produce a positive atmosphere and positive results. Bravo. Oh yeah, and it's free. Easily a $5 to $10 app. Thank you.
I use this app regularly in my day-to-day business dealings—being self-employed, my job requires frequent estimating and the art of negotiation is very relevant to securing new clients and projects—I continually revisit the tips offered to remind me how to best approach these negotiations thoughtfully. I've been working on the "Game Plan" to fine tune my negotiating skills. I even used this app recently for a personal negotiation, in selling my car. I think individuals can greatly benefit from this tool, but can also see the benefit for larger firms in dealing with tricky business dealings—overall a great resource!


iOS app