What is Profiler for? 

With Profiler you can draw a revealing picture of negotiating styles - help plan your approach to dealing with specific individuals by comparing different people’s styles to your own.

If you have not get purchased either Profiler item from the Store, you will need to do this before starting to analyse your negotiating style.

If you have a Yes Book code, please click here to upgrade to Supra Profiler.


Getting started

Select New Lite or New Supra from the menu on the left. If you have access to the Supra Profiler then we recommend starting with the Attitude profiler. Here is a breakdown of the Close My Deal Profiler options:

Profiler Lite (behaviour only) – 32 questions

Supra Attitude Profiler – 24 questions

Supra Process Profiler – 35 questions

Supra Behaviour profiler – 80 questions

You will be prompted to fill in the name of the profile, your own name and the name of the person you are profiling (which could of course be yourself). The date you have created this will automatically be saved so that you can easily find your different profiles from within the My CMD page.

Profiler then asks a series of questions about Attitude, Process and Behaviour (depending on which one you have selected) in negotiating situations. Simply use the slider on each question to rate how ‘Rarely’ or ‘Constantly’ the person you are profiling exhibits the attitude, process or behaviour in question.

Your profiler progress is automatically saved and stored in your 'MyCMD' area after you answer each question. If you do not complete all of the questions in one go it is therefore very easy to pick up where you left off. Simply go to your MyCMD area, locate the relevant Profiler using the < > arrows and click on 'Continue'. You can also update your earlier answers this way if you so wish.


Viewing the profile chart

When you have answered all the questions, Profiler displays a personalised ‘Profile Chart’ (see example behaviour chart below). This is made up of different coloured segments, each representing a ‘score’ for a certain type of negotiating behaviour. 

How to read the chart




The inner circle represents how much ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘We’ and ‘Join’ behaviour you tend to use. The segments in the outer ring show which specific kinds of behaviour you most frequently use and which you use the least. There are similar charts for the Supra Attitude and Process Profilers but these only have an inner ring, so they are slightly easier to read.

TIP: By using Profiler to predict the way people are more likely to behave in negotiations, you can plan tactics for handling them in the most effective way.


Comparing profiles (Behaviour Profiler only)

You can create and save as many different profiles as you like, so you can complete a profile for all the other people you deal within your negotiations and compare these with your own profile. You can also compare your profile with our own pre-saved profiles representing typical negotiator styles (such as ‘The Haggler’ or ‘The Bargain Hunter’).

Simply select one of the ‘default’ profiles or one of your saved profiles from the 'compare' dropdown list on the results page and the second profiler chart will appear in a box for comparison. You can then select HOW TO READ THE CHART for further information on how to interpret your results and any comparison charts you might be viewing.

TIP: Update your profiler regularly to see how your skills develop!