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How to use Supra Profiler

Select one of the three different profilers below which correspond to the three key elements of negotiation, as outlined in the book – ATTITUDE, PROCESS and BEHAVIOUR. You will be prompted to fill in the name of the profile, your own name and the name of the person you are profiling (which could of course be yourself).

Profiler then presents a series of statements about things you might do or think about in negotiating situations. Simply use the slider on each question to rate how 'Rarely' or 'Frequently' you (or the person you are profiling) exhibit the behaviour in question.

Your profiles are automatically saved and stored in your 'MyCMD' area after you answer each question . To continue a profile where you left off, simply go to your MyCMD area, locate the relevant Profiler using the < > arrows and click on 'Continue'. 

If you have a Yes Book code, please click here to upgrade to Supra Profiler.

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With the Attitude profiler, there are 24 statements to 'answer' – this should take about 8-10 minutes to complete.

At the end you will be presented with a pie chart displaying which attitudes you tend to come to the table with most frequently. As I discuss in the book, the most constructive attitude to have is usually that of 'Fuser'.



The Process profiler has 35 statements to 'answer' and should take you about 12-15 minutes to complete.

At the end of this you will again be presented with a pie chart. This will display which stages of the negotiation process you place the most emphasis on when considering your approach to a deal. Do you focus enough on the early stages (Preparation, climate setting, exploring) or are you more likely to charge straight into the bidding and bargaining phases?



There are 80 statements to 'answer' with the Behaviour profiler – this should take no longer than 20-25 minutes to complete.

On the results page you will get a revealing picture of what kind of behaviour you tend to use the most, and also an indication of the behaviours that you should consider using more.

You will then be presented with some tips on how you might adapt and adjust your behavioural style based on these results.

The behaviour Profiler has the added bonus of the comparison chart feature which allows you to compare your chart to classic negotiating styles which we have pre-loaded into the system. Simply click on the dropdown box to add a Profile from the menu. The second profiler chart will then appear in a box for comparison.

If required, you can select HOW TO READ THE CHART for further information on how to interpret your results and any comparison charts you might be viewing. One theme of that explanation is that every negotiation is different – you should always consider what behaviour/s suit the stage of the negotiation you are at and also the kind of person you are dealing with on the other side of the table.

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